Saturday, 18 June 2011

Some Pictures of my Room

I always feel weird taking pictures of people's normal at the Farmer's Market this morning.  I guess I don't want people to think of me as a snobby American tourist.  I'll work on getting over that though, because I know I'll want to have pictures of this!  But here are some pictures of my room, for those of you that are interested :)

 I had to find an adapter for my adapter to use this guy

The Stater Elephant is enjoying the visit to his homeland!

Maybe the person before me killed them all?

My little kitchen counter

Sink and Stove

Those cliff bars saved me the first few days...

Such a comfortable bed! Seriously. Love it.

Shower, bathroom sink, toilet

Delicious fried dough that Swazi told me to buy at the farmer's market.  She said that she eats it with jam in the mornings.  The woman selling it to me asked (I think, these South African accents can be very strong!) if I would like beef, curry, or savory filling, I decided to just go with plain for my first round.

I'm sure Mark, Scott, and Jon will love to see that my Nalgene made it all the way to South Africa!

This awful creation may very well end my addiction to coffee.  Starbucks VIA, where are you??

I had a great time at the farmer's market this morning!  It was good to get a lay of the land--I will probably buy some more stuff next week and try to get some pictures.  Swazi is going to take me into town today, don't really know what to expect but I'm excited!

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